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Rosa Graf Forty+

Affordable luxury for the skin
- non toxic and cost - efficient alternative to plastic surgery -



The quality and condition of your skin change over time. When cell division slows down and cells are not renewed so frequently, we refer to "demanding" and "mature" skin. Before and during the menopause, the body produces fewer female hormones which has a significant effect on the skin. It loses its elasticity and becomes thinner and more wrinkled. It has been shown that hormones from plants, so-called phytohormones, have a similar balancing effect to the body's own hormones, without the familiar unpleasant side effect.


Rosa Graf Forty+ Cream

Activating night care as rich w/o
emulsion which likewise includes
grape skin and soy extract as well
as isoflavones as effective active
Rosa Graf Forty+ Protect

Protective daily skin care with UVfilter. Soy and grape skin extract
make the skin look radiant and
well-groomed during the day and
reduce its moisture loss.
Rosa Graf Forty+ Capsules

A combination of vital substances
from soy and grapes for the special
needs of woman during the menopause (food supplement to provide secondary vegetable substances). The capsules are obtained from NONgenetically
modified plant material.
The soy extract used contains
phyto-oestrogens (isoflavones) in a
natural, unmodified form. The same applies to the grape extract and the contained polyphenols.
Rosa Graf Forty+ Anti-Ageing Serum

An intensive anti-ageing serum with
grape seed oil as additional care
for demanding skin. Use before day



Rosa Graf Forty+ Filling System


ROSA GRAF FORTY+ FILLING SYSTEM is the name for a revolution i n wrinkle treatment therapy.

After a single application of the product, forehead lines, "crow`s feet", laugh lines and other areas look much smoother. Acetyl hexapeptide is a natural peptide that is free of any side effects.

Our ROSA GRAF FORTY+ FILLING SYSTEM contains the highest amount of acetyl hexapeptides possible. We use this exciting cosmetically discovery and offer an affordable possibility to achieve a bright and young looking appearance.

After application of our ROSA GRAF FORTY+ FILLING SYSTEM your skin is relaxed, smoothed out and feels tender at the surface but also inside it is well moisturized and saturated, the skin own repair mechanisme is working powerfully and provides irresistible appearance and brightness.